Tony Petrello: A Top-Notch Achiever

Tony Petrello is probably the only individual among many executive officials in the corporate world with a surprising yet thrilling story. Petrello hails from Newark, New Jersey. He rose from a humble background in a working-class environment. Throughout his life journey, he has hit major milestones as part of his success. Among his achievements, Petrello has had the opportunity to head the largest land drilling company in the world. Additionally, he has contributed a lot of money in funding research efforts for a global neurological disease. Petrello’s career has proved successful in enhancing his lifetime endeavors.

In 2015 during his reign as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors oil company, Tony Petrello was recognized as the top-most compensated CEO in the United States. Tony owes his achievements to hard work, his creative thinking nature and decision making as well as part of his personality gifs. He also consistently values the importance of corporate social responsibility. As part of giving back to the community, Petrello helps children with neurological conditions. Many people admire his type of life that is crowned with very significant accomplishments.

At the early stages of his education, Anthony Petrello went to public schools in his hometown in Newark. The people who knew and interacted with Tony knew him as an ambitious an extrovert and individual who can clearly express his ideas. He carried himself as an energetic working-class gentleman even in the school environment. After performing excellently in high school, Petrello received a scholarship from Yale University where he had greater opportunities towards the fulfillment of his future goals and ambitions. He had the chance to get mentorship from Serge Lang, a renowned professor, author and great mathematician. It came as a shock to many people when Petrello enrolled at the Harvard School of Law rather than choosing Mathematics for his career after graduating from Yale. It was a tough decision to make on whether to pursue a law or business career path.

Nevertheless, Tony Petrello embarked on employment in 1979 at Baker & McKenzie U.S based law firm where he specialized in business law. He mainly concentrated in taxation and arbitration. It is during his tenure at Baker & McKenzie where he came across Nabors Industries. He effectively managed the account of Nabors as a client that they eventually hired him as the company’s executive. Petrello began working as the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors in 1991. He later became the company’s President prior to rising to the position of its CEO due to his excellent leadership skills. As such, his transition from mathematics to a business lawyer and later a reputable corporate executive marks his milestone accomplishments in life.

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