Neurocore: Deals and Employment

First you can pay $103.50 for an anytime intake appointment. Secondly there is a $51 option that can only be used Mon.-Fri. before 4 pm. Both are a significant saving over the regular $250 intake cost.

Once the intake is done a plan can be put together to help the client with focus and other mental distraction.


The Groupon deal is a money-saving way to begin at Neruocore but it has some restrictions. The purchase is good for 90 days and then it must be repurchased to be valid. You can only buy one per person, though you can purchase up to 3 as gifts every 90 days. An appointment must be made in advance, with the time restrictions noted above. There are no refunds once purchased through Groupon.

Neurocore helps people learn to relax and adjust their brainwaves through a system of therapy, scientific measurement and re-enforcement practices. They offer a significant discount on their initial services through the international e-commerce and discount site, Groupon.

Neurocore begins their therapy with an intake session where they use various neurological tests and scanning devices in combination with a series of behavioral evaluations to gain a diagnostic view of the patient. The Groupon covers two different levels of this evaluation,both of which provide the same services but one has a time restriction. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

According to Neurocore is not currently hiring. They are rated well on the site with an overall score of 3.6. They have very good rating in work/life balance. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

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