Jon Urbana’s Latest Plea to Help Earth Force, an Environmental Awareness Non-profit

Jon Urbana, former pro-athlete and Denver native, launched a GoFundMe campaign in support of Earth Force, an organization dedicated to empowering youth with knowledge and first-hand experience of environmental issues.

Urbana was inspired to take action after he listened to the conversation between the teen participants of his Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The campers often engaged in Twitter conversation that expressed concern for the environment of the world at large. Urbana expressed to Fox Carolina that he always felt awed by Colorado’s natural beauty that consisted of glorious mountain ranges, rivers, and forests, along with the state’s amazing wildlife.

Urbana is a former Junior Olympian and former Villanova lacrosse player. He knew that his celebrity status to such an important cause and launched the GoFundMe campaign. He hoped the fundraiser would exceed its goal of $1,750, every penny set to be forwarded to Earth Force.

Earth Force is a charity organization that operates in two different countries. The non-profit services 52 communities in Canada and the U.S. Earth Force has teamed with different individuals, companies, and other organizations to help bring environmental awareness to youth through hands-on learning. The Earth Force website noted that the group focuses on the importance of good health, clean water, and on a clean energy initiative.

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