Guilherme Paulus The Game Changer For Brazilian Tourism Industry

Not many can leave an impact that can change the course and fate of a country. But Guilherme Paulus is one such name who changed the face of the Brazilian tourism industry and made a significant impact on the economy and prosperity of the country.

Right from the age of twenty-four, he founded the tour operating company, CVC Brasil Operadora. Today, not only is his company the most significant tourism company in Latin America but he has also paved his way of success to the Forbes billionaires list.

Guilherme Paulus started his company in 1972, and the company is running string even today. In 2009, he sold his controlling stake of CVC for $420 million to Carlyle Group but remained in its advisory board for guiding and counseling the company. In 2005, he took another path-breaking and bold decision. He founded the GP Hotels and Resort Groups. Today the brand has about 15 hotels and resort scattered over the whole of Brazil, and it has ambitious plans of spreading like wildfire.


The defining characteristic of Guilherme Paulus is his immense love and patriotic feeling for his country which fuels his burning ambition and passion. Unlike others, he observed the need to boost the tourism industry of Brazil which in turn would lead to the higher living standard of his countrymen and economic prosperity of his country. He also got into the construction of condominiums and apartments especially in Parana, Aracaju, and Mareio to offer a better lifestyle to his country people. The costing of these constructions was between 500,000 Brazilian Real to 1.4 Brazilian Real.

To promote tourism, Guilherme Paulus ensured that his tourism company catered to all kinds of taste of tourists, right from golfing to skydiving. His company created jobs for over 2000 people. Because of his immense contribution, he won countless awards and honors including the most prestigious ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Services’. One noteworthy event is his life was the invitation by the president of the country to join the Brazilian Board of Tourism. This is a government organization, and he was seen as the perfect person to take the country’s tourism forward.

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