GoBuySide: How Specialized Research Can Help Your Firm

There is a current gap in the finance industry when it comes to hiring. Many businesses are finding it hard to find people who are qualified to fit the criteria that are required for the positions that they want to fill. However, GoBuySide is helping companies in New York find unique candidates who will be able to do the job and help these companies out. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

You see, in today’s world, hiring is a little different. First of all, many companies are looking for candidates to fill positions for part time based work or even for project based work. In addition, there is no longer a need to use location specific methods in order to recruit people. With the advantage of the internet, people can recruit candidates from all around the country or even from all around the world by using sites such as LinkedIn. These candidates can then either work remotely or transfer to another city.

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For example, in New York, GoBuySide is using specialized research in order to find candidates who will best fill a position. Specialized research has many advantages, chief among them that the candidate will be better qualified for the position. In the finance industry, many positions will require a candidate who has highly specialized qualifications for the job.

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GoBuySide does this to benefit both the companies and the candidates. Candidates in New York can easily upload their qualifications to their GoBuySide profile in order to better find work. GoBuySide does extensive research on each and every candidate in order to better match them with a position that they are qualified for.

The CEO of GOBuySide Is Arjun Kapur. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, they have successfully recruited candidates from over fifty cities in the United States and around the world. He holds an MBA from Stanford and a degree in Economics from John Hopkins University. One of the habits that make him more productive, according to him, is that he stays away from social media and does not spend any time on any platform. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

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