Barbara Stokes: Providing Modular Homes for Hurricane Victims

The people of Texas never realized the real power of Hurricane Harvey, and they were surprised when the hurricane made its landfall. Many areas, especially near the coast of Texas, were obliterated because of the sheer power of the hurricane. Thousands of homes were destroyed, and the government of Texas does not have any idea where to begin. The federal government soon became involved in the rising humanitarian crisis as the survivors of the catastrophe are struggling to find out how they can rebuild. The federal government, through FEMA, asked the assistance from private individuals, and some of them responded with the legitimate objective of helping out people who are in need. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.


Barbara Stokes is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur who founded the Green Structure Homes of Alabama. The federal government asked her if she could manufacture homes for those who were affected by the hurricane, and she agreed to the government’s request and proceeded in manufacturing low-cost homes for the hurricane survivors. Barbara Stokes and the federal government signed a $28.5 million contract, stating that her company will be constructing hundreds of modular homes for the people who are greatly affected by the disaster. Barbara Stokes stated that the contract she signed with the federal government would provide additional jobs for her employees, and she is looking forward to more contracts from the government who will be needing her help in times of need. Read this article at


Barbara Stokes, along with Scott Stokes, established the company in 2008. She serves as the current chief executive officer of the company, and she stated that one of the reasons why they build the Green Structure Homes of Alabama is because she wanted to see how a minimalist modular home would fare, especially for Americans who are looking for a cheaper alternative when buying a house. Through the years, her company grew, and it became well-known all across the country because she is one of the priorities of the federal government when they are looking for a manufacturer of a module home. Today, Barbara Stokes is spending her time looking after her company, and she is also working with the government to assist them in relief and recovery efforts for people who have fallen victims to natural disasters.


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